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Nut/Candy Vending Machine


 1. Unique Features:

With 3 individual, movable and interchangeable canisters, which

bring you the most convenience of refilling the machine;

With "spill tray" under outlets to prevent candies or nuts from dropping on

the floor.

2. Size: W44*D27*H48cm(head)/D45xH66cm(base);

3. Coins set to accept 1 type coin only ($1 suggested) in multiples of 1,2,3,4.

4. Cup holder magnetically attched to side of machine - not shown in this picture

Depending on Location - machine makes $15-90 per week (average $30-45)

Miniun order 5 units

Delivery Options:

4 weeks $150

1 week $350

Door to door service

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