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Sample Package


A great way to begin this passive income venture is a try a few different products prior to making any bigger committment. This sample package is designed so you get used to selling, installing  and talking about the products. 

You recieve 

  • Three Alcohol Breathalysers - 2 old version and one with LCD Screen
  • 2 restaurant charging devices (2nd image) 
  • Basic marketing material 
  • No contracts
  • Basic training 

Once you feel confident with the service and products from Golden Distribution, we encourage you to become a distributor for $3000 and get an exclsuive area to yourself.

The one off $3000 payment will give you access to:

  • Full Marketing material
  • Business contracts for breathalysers and charging devices
  • Business card template
  • Guidance finding advertising and access to revenue streams from group deals
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Sales and Technical support through the whole process for each individual product
  • Public and Product liability
  • Invaluable first hand business advice from product experts
  • Exclusivity for your area - we will not sell any of our products to anyone else in your area
  • LCD Breathalysers at only $1050 after initial purchase of 8 units !!!!!

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